Bring the Power of Measurement to Neurology

40 years ago, cholesterol readings revolutionized heart health.
Today, True Positive MD imaging analytics does the same for your brain.

Meet Our Early Adopters

Thought Leaders in Brain and Cognitive Research

"True Positive provides the information required for diagnosis, and even more importantly, better prognosis years before onset of dementia."

Dr. Serge Gauthier, Neurologist, McGill Center for the Study of Aging

"The information provided by True Positive is now a must-have in any clinical setting."

Dr. Howard Chertkow, Neurologist, Canadian Consortium for Neurodegeneration and Aging

"We count on True Positive MD for MRI volumetry analysis of our research populaton. This will provide better characterization of the earliest changes in subjective cognitive impairment."

Dr Sylvie Belleville, Neuropsychologist, Principal Investigator, Quebec Consortium for the early identification of Alzheimer's disease